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3 ALARMING MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT ABA THERAPY            As the father of a kid with Autism and a student of ABA, I understand how critical ABA therapy is for kids with Autism. However, when I look around, ABA is not considered the primary treatment for Autism because there are so many misconceptions about […]

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Tips for parents of Autistic kids

TIPS FOR PARENTS OF AUTISTIC KIDS The following tips for parents of autistic kids are the compilation of tips by asdsurvivors.com community. We plan to update the list every 6 months. You can contribute by sharing your message through the comments section.How should we approach the situation when we learn that our child has autism?. […]

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Tantrums in Autistic kids – How to control the temper tantrums

IS YOUR CHILD AGRESSIVE – HOW TO CALM THEM DOWN​ ​Aggressiveness is an emotion that is often misunderstood. Tantrums are defined as uncontrolled outburst of anger and frustration, typically in a young child.Tantrums in autistic kids are frequent. It can be a very overwhelming experience for both parents and kids. We need to always keep in […]

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